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Welcome to the homepage of Theatrelight New Zealand

Theatrelight New Zealand is dedicated to the design and manufacture of lighting control equipment for the entertainment industry which has reliability and ease of use as its major attributes. Theatrelight supplies a flourishing export market to many countries worldwide. Theatrelight equipment is installed in many major venues in Australia and New Zealand, in Southeast Asia, and in Japan and Korea. Theatrelight’s largest installation base is in the Peoples Republic of China, where its control desks and dimmers are installed in many of the country’s theatres and television stations.



We are Spring cleaning our shelves to make way for stock of exciting new Theatrelight products.

We have a quantity of LDR lighting products we need to move so are selling it all at discounted prices. These are stock clearance prices so no further discounts available off the sale prices.

Any item on the list needed after the current stock has cleared will be at the normal RRT prices. Don't miss out!

Sale applies to customers within New Zealand only.


We can email you a list of the LDR items On Sale by clicking here:

Theatrelight is pleased to announce the following sole agencies:


Saudi Arabia

Alrawda Dist, cross with Prince Sultan St. Business center tower. Sc floor.
P.o Box: 21352 - 127379 Jeddah.
Phone: +966 12 659 9165
Mobile: +966 544 445121
Instagram: Twenty2pro



Ab Initio International
218, Boro Moghbazar
Flat No.:4B, Dhaka-1217,


Theatrelight introduces LED Bulbs

Theatrelight has added high-quality LED lightbulbs to its range of products. All bulbs are sample tested per batch to 10,000 On/Off cycles, and rated at over 15,000 hours with a two year warranty.

The initial range includes 9 watt non-dimmable and 12 watt dimmable bulbs, in both Edison Screw (E27) and Bayonet cap (B22) bases, the two types of base most commonly used in NZ:

9 watts warm white, non-dimmable, 240Vac (60 watt incandescent equivalent). These bulbs are suitable for all On/Off switched supplies, but should not be used with dimmers.

12 watts warm white, dimmable, 240Vac (75 watt incandescent equivalent) These bulbs are dimmable on most leading edge (SCR/Triac) and trailing edge (IGBT/FET) dimmers.

Suitable dimmers for large scale environmental lighting installations include Theatrelight's single channel MoodsetLED, and the 12 channel NebulaLED.

These LED bulbs are available directly to the general public. For pricing or to place your order, please contact: or phone (09) 622 1187.

For bulk quantities to our agents and the trade please contact Theatrelight NZ. The bulbs are also available in smaller quantities through the Trademe website - enter "theatrelight" in the Trademe search box (all categories).


Theatrelight announces new dimmer designs for LED bulbs

Theatrelight has designed new hardware and firmware for their reliable and rugged SCR dimmers to control a large number of dimmable LED bulbs per dimmer channel. The hardware uses our same robust SCRs, but with circuit changes to cope with the highly capacitive load presented by LED fittings. The firmware changes include a stepless fade resolution from DMX or analogue input, and the provision of two new dimming curves for fast and slow LED dimming. These products when used in large LED installations provide a reliable and cheaper option than high power IGBT (trailing edge) dimmers.

To find out more click here.


New RDM8 DMX Splitter with XLR and quick connect plug-in terminal versions now in stock

The RDM8 is a transparent in-line RDM splitter used for connecting a large number of RDM devices such as moving lights, LED Luminaires, smoke machines, dimmers etc to an RDM control panel. It may also be used as a DMX splitter in a DMX only system, or as a filter in an RDM system to prevent RDM commands affecting legacy DMX devices. It provides bi-directional transfer of data according to the RDM ENSA standard between its floating input (RDM “response” port) and its 8 isolated outputs (RDM “command” ports). The RDM8 is compatible with protocols ANSI E1.11 (DMX) and ANSI E1.20 (RDM).

To find out more click here.


FL1000 Worklight/Floodlight now available with 3200K LEDs for rehearsal and scene painting


Theatrelight's F500 LED Fresnel now in stock

The TL-F500 is a white LED Fresnel spotlight suitable for general lighting in small theatres and TV studios, and for exhibition and lighting display including art galleries and museums. It is available fitted with colour runners to hold colour or UV filters and beam shaping barndoors for theatre use, or without colour runners for general display use.

A number of lens types, wattage ratings, and colour temperature options are available in both models, with either 3 or 5 pin XLR connectors, or RJ45 ethernet connectors for DMX over Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable.

The F500 can also be ordered fitted with an internal wireless DMX card by Lumen Radio (WDMX compatible) with either an internal or external high gain antenna.

For specification sheet click here.


Theatrelight introduces Contact 12

The Contact 12 provides remote control via DMX of switched power supplies for Moving Lights, LEDs, and any other appliance requiring reliable DMX controlled On/Off power.

For further details click here.



Theatrelight NZ introduces 1000 watt equivalent LED Worklights

The TL-FL1000 is a 100 watt LED floodlight housed in a rugged die cast case suitable for use as a interior work light or floodlight for theatres and general area lighting. Its major benefits over an equivalent floodlight using an incandescent bulb are the marked savings in power and maintenance costs. Measured at the same distance, the light from the FL1000 is more than a bare 1000 watt incandescent worklight, but with 10% of the power costs of the older type bulb .. For further details click here.


Theatrelight NZ introduces 8 way DMX splitter with screw-terminal option

Theatrelight NZ introduces 8 way DMX splitter with screw-terminal option In response to customer requests, Theatrelight NZ have introduced their well known 8 way DMX splitters with screw terminal outputs. For further details click here.


Theatrelight NZ introduces Wireless DMX Transmitters and Receiver


In response to customer requests, Theatrelight NZ have introduced a range of wireless DMX transmitters and receivers housed in the same rugged mount-anywhere case as used in our popular SP4 DMX splitters and ED2 and DE2 Artnet- DMX units.

Both Lumen Radio (CRDMX tm) and Wireless Solutions (W-DMX tm) models are available to suit customers with stock based on either manufacturer. 

For further details about these standards see
Lumen Radio:
Wireless Solutions:

For further details click here.