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     Theatrelight was founded in New Zealand in 1972 by theatre lighting designer Rex Gilfillan to provide a range of electronic lighting control products to the Theatre and Television industry. Rex’s previous experience included working in English repertory theatre, the Welsh National Theatre, and in many of London’s West End theatres.

    Theatrelight supplies an expanding export market to many countries worldwide. Theatrelight equipment is installed in many major venues in Australia and New Zealand, in Southeast Asia, and in Japan and Korea. Theatrelight’s largest installation base is in the Peoples Republic of China, where its control desks and dimmers are installed in many of the country’s theatres and television stations.

Theatrelight Asia - China Factory

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In 1994, after 22 years of manufacturing in New Zealand, Theatrelight started a joint venture factory in China. At the 10 years expiry date of the joint venture in 2004 Theatrelight set up a new factory in Zhongshan, fully owned and managed by Theatrelight NZ

China Component Sourcing and Assembly

After manufacturing in China for nearly 30 years, we have excellent relationships with our suppliers, employees, and a host of sub-contractors. These help us maintain our quality control, delivery times and not least, our competitive pricing

New Zealand Product Design

Our New Zealand based designers have a combined experience of over 50 years in stage lighting. That experience  provides the basis for all of Theatrelight’s emphasis on practicality, simplicity and reliability in its equipment design. Matching New Zealand design with the economic advantages of manufacturing in China gives our products a competitive edge, to the benefit of  theatres and entertainment centres round the world.