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Nov 2023

QuadBox - Portable power switching unit containing four heavy duty relays

ICompact and portable, the QuadBox is ideal for adding DMX512 control of up to four remotely switched loads from one mains hot power point. Add a Theatrelight LR Mini to control the unit via Lumen Radio wireless on location, or in hard to reach areas on stage, or film and TV sets



Relay Packs of 2kw load and 4 channels, Quadbox by Theatrelight NZ
May 2022

Theatrelight New Zealand Celebrates 50 Years of Service to Theatre

In 1972 Rex Gilfillan established Theatrelight New Zealand with his first commission to supply stage lighting control, dimmers and sound mixers to the, then under construction, Hannah Playhouse also to be known as ‘Downstage’ in Wellington. Opening night in 1973 was a huge success with considerable interest shown in these innovative, high quality locally made products. The rest is history!


There will be very few members who have not encountered Theatrelight dimmers, control boards or lights and we thank you for your support over the past 50 years. Here’s to the next 50!


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Theatrelight New Zealand 50 years celebration
June 2021

Theatreligt 2021 Product Catalogue

Theatrelight’s full 2021 product catalogue can be downloaded here

Nov 2020
LED 4 color Spotlight RGBW for stage

Theatrelight LED Spotlight two Colour Tunable White and Four Colour RGBW in F500, F1000 and Z1000 now available

Theatrelight is now in full production of the F500, F1000, and Z1000 in two colour tunable white and four colour RGBW versions in addition to the original single colour white models.For a look at the new luminares please download our luminiares catalogue here

May 2020
LED Zoom Profile light for Theater

Theatrelight LED Zoom Profile Z1000

Theatrelight now has initial stocks of its new Z1000: a white LED, 15 to 30 degrees Zoom Profile spotlight. For further details see here.

May 2020

Theatrelight adds Zero 88 FLX consoles to product list

Zero 88's line of FLX moving light control panels have been added to our website.

May 2020
Out door Power distribution box

Theatrelight Power Distribution boxes

Theatrelight has just landed in New Zealand a 20 foot container load of portable distribution boxes, custom-made for Xytech's Auckland film studio.

May 2020

Theatrelight SwitchPack production

Part of a shipment of 47 pieces of SwitchPack 1220s at Theatrelight's China factory. The SwitchPacks are now on a ship to our Singapore agent DeSisti who succesfully tendered them into a new TV studio.